Dive Sites of Koh Phi Phi

Dive sites around Koh Phi Phi

Dive sites of Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Koh Phi Phi offers a range of dive sites to suit all level of divers with gently sloping reefs, deep walls of coral, ship wreaks and a cool artificial reef. The majority of our dives take place around the Bida Islands and Phi Phi Ley which are a 20-40 minute boat ride of the main island Phi Phi Don. This allows us to run two tank dive trips both in the morning and the afternoon to the Phi Phi Dive Sites.

Koh Phi Phi Ley is the second largest of the Phi Phi islands and was made famous as the location of Maya Bay from the movie ‘The Beach” staring Leonardo DiCaprio. There is diving around the whole island from which we choose the best possible each day based on the diving conditions. The stunning bays also offer us great locations to have a mid dive lunch break.

The dive sites on Koh Phi Phi Ley offer a wide range of wildlife including hawksbill turtles, blacktip reef sharks, Sea Horses, Leopard (Zebra) Sharks and an incredible range of shrimp.

Bida Islands – To the south of Phi Phi Ley lie the islands of Bida Nai and Bida Nok. These sister islands offer an amazing range of wildlife and varied dive environments and are considered 2 of the best Phi Phi Dive Sites. Our favorite location is Bida Nok with its varied underwater environments offering great diving for divers of all abilities.

Do we ever close? -Due to Phi Phi’s tall limestone cliffs that provide shelter from the low season winds it is possible to dive all year round.

Bida Nok (3-25 meters)

This is one our favorite dive sites since it has the widest range of wildlife and offers something for everyone.
The dive starts in the bay on the west side of the island, for those looking for something deeper the south side beckons with finger reef leading down from the surface until 18 meters where leopard sharks sleep in a cluster of giant coral fans. Drop off over the shoulder of the reef and cruise above the drop off keeping an eye out for more leopard sharks and hawksbill turtles. Further on get enveloped in giant shoals of yellow snapper and towards the end of the dive another shoal of big eyed travelly. Alternatively double back on yourself for the last 10 minutes of the dive and keep an eye out for black tips on the shallow 7 meter plateau.

If you go north start you can either start shallow staying at 5-7 meters looking for the blacktip reef sharks which hangout on the northwest corner or you can drop down and around the wall of coral carefully looking in the fan corals for Sea Horses and frog fish. From there keep an eye out for leopard sharks on the sandy areas to the north whilst swimming over a mixed garden of hard and soft corals. Towards the end of the dive look into the shadows, cast by the overhangs, for small shoals of squid.
All in all this small island is well worth two dives.

Dive site Bida Nok near Koh Phi Phi Thailand

Dive site Bida Nai near Koh Phi Phi Thailand

Bida Nai (3-25 meters)

Facing Bida Nok, Nai is full of surprises. Follow the wall and come face to face with leopard (Zebra) sharks or huge black tips. Float away with the turtles and get lost in the schools of yellow tail barakuda
Sometimes a very special friend of us comes to visit us on Bida Nai. If a big black shadow is cast over you, blow some bubbles to rub his belly, it will be a whale shark.

Palong (5-20 meters)

Palong bay is situated a few kilometers north of the more famous Maya Bay although this one is locally famous for offering two great dives.
Head north and after 10 minutes of uninspiring shallow reef you are rewarded by a shoal of black tip reef sharks ranging from full sized adults (approximately 1.5meters in length) down to the juveniles at 40-50 centimeters. Further on from the sharks there are beautiful small valleys of soft coral dropping down to the sandy bottom.
Head south and you will be rewarded with a long pristine wall of coral, turtles can be found here but the big thing is the wall of critters – look out for frog fish, sea horses, shrimp and pipe fish. Seldom dived due to the popularity of the Malong dive site.

Malong (5-20 meters)

Everyone loves a turtle and Malong happens to be their home. We are able to meet these gentle sea creatures on about 90% of our dives here. Malong is also great for small critters such as tiger tail seahorses, swim throughs at the end and lots of different types of shrimp. This is the high season favorite of all the Phi Phi Dive Sites.

Dive site Palong and Malong Koh Phi Phi Ley Thailand

Dive site Viking Cave near Koh Phi Phi Thailand

Viking Cave

Viking Cave has a striking bay and a beautiful cave above the water, but the real deal is underwater a few hundred meters to the north . A few years ago, the Phuket Marine Conservation department put down a beautiful artificial reef to rebuilt marine life after the tsunami. It is now the home of long finned Batfish, Lion Fish and Leopard Sharks.

Kled Kaeo Gaeow

Not only do we have some of the best dive sites in Thailand but thanks to the Thia government we now have our own wreck a short ride from the island. The Kled Gaeow was purposely sunk on the 19th of March 2014 and was quickly colonized by the local marine life. This 48 meter wreck is a great dive with Nurse sharks and frog fish just some of the highlights. The top of the wreck is at 16 meters and bottoms out at 26 meters, suitable for advanced open water dives or higher. For open water divers you can experience this great dive as part of an Adventure wreck/deep dive or the Advanced Open water course.

Dive site Kled Gaeow wreck near Koh Phi Phi Thailand

Dive site King Cruiser wreck near Koh Phi Phi Thailand

King Cruiser

Sunk in 1997, the King Cruiser Wreck now lays between 16m and 30m deep. The old ferry will give you that rush of seeing man made object underwater. Special guests on the wreck include a 2m Banded Sea Krait, Nurse Sharks and a Giant Grouper.

Shark Point

This dive site is situated five minutes from the wreck and is exploding with Travellies chasing bait fish, Ghost Pipefish, Honeycomb Moray Eels, Sea Horses and Leopard Sharks. Formed by nine different peninsulas it is impossible to get bored on that dive!

Dive site Shark Point near Koh Phi Phi Thailand

Dive site Hin Daeng near Koh Phi Phi Thailand

Hin Daeng & Hin Muang

Located about 1 hour speed boat from PhiPhi Don Island, this is a dive you won’t forget! These two rocks, “hin” in Thai, are famous for three things: Soft corals, Manta Rays, and Whale Sharks. Could it get any better? Yes! On top of that the wild life is impressive out there with everything on amphetamine. Huge Triggerfish, Parrot Fish, and rare Morays!

Disclaimer: Hin Daeng and Hin Muang trips are only made available upon good weather conditions.